You’ll be shocked by our brilliant service

Tectonic has been serving both private and commercial customers throughout East Sussex for over 20 years now, so our glowing reputation is built on two decades of providing complete satisfaction.

Perhaps you’re worried about the forthcoming Digital Switchover and want to deal with it with as little hassle and expense as possible? Or you might be thinking about installing a centralised home entertainment system? Maybe you’re a company needing to adapt your current premises or install CCTV?

We’re also fully certified to offer advice on and install solarpanels, so if you’re thinking of installing a solar energy system – either at home or work – we’re the people to call.

In short, whatever your electrical needs are – however large or small - you can trust our expertise and professionalism (not to mention our realistically reasonable rates). Where there’s a wire, we’ll always find the way.


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