Smart Technology in your home

As technology continues to develop and as consumers we are giving more options on how we use our electrical from Televisions or lighting to now helping you with the safety in your own home.

Check out the Nest Protect – it’s a Smoke & Carbon monoxide alarm but its does so much more

Look for the light

As you can see from the video the Nest Protect talks to you when it’s detected smoke or carbon monoxide and you may have noticed a few different colours in the video above but what do they mean? If you’re ever in doubt, look for the light and check what colour the light ring is and find out what it is trying to communicate with you.  This smart bit of tech lets you check in when you’re away from your home and will send notifications to your Smart device, not only this but the Nest Protect works with the Learning Thermostat. If the Protect detects a carbon monoxide leak your Learning Thermostat will automatically turn off your boiler.



Tectonic are Nest Pro Installers so if you are in need for advice or would like to have any Nest products installed contact us today.

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