Most Loved Business in Eastbourne

After a long and sleepless night of waiting and watching in anticipation,  POW it’s all over.

This afternoon hit and as my screen refreshed on thebestof’s leaderboard waiting for the announcements to go live. And then it happened, I saw Tectonic Digital Systems name was at the top of the leaderboard in Eastbourne.


We won, and we couldn’t be happier. The competition was exciting and fun with all of Eastbourne’s members supporting and rooting for each other which is just another reason the be a part of the Best Of Eastbourne. We had a tough act to follow from last year’s winner Sarah at Artemi Photography, but we did it and we are so proud as we have always prided ourselves with our quality of service to our customers.

From simply asking our customers on site if they have a spare moment to leave us some customer feedback, following up on emails thanking them for choosing our services and even getting our MD involved in the front line, he spent a good part of this week on the phone speaking to our customers for feedback and it has certainly paid off and not to forget James, Adam and Will rooting for support from customers they’ve visited recently.

What our managing director had to say:

Nigel May – “I am so pleased we have had so many customers provide such nice feedback, not only to the standard of the work itself but the presentation of the engineers attending our customers’ homes and commercial premises.

We are so proud to have achieved this position in our town.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this award.



I know tonight will be involving a bottle or two of prosecco for me, that’s for sure. Not only did we come first in Eastbourne, we were 2nd in our Electrical category and came 45 out of 100 national businesses. I am so pleased that we are able to share this with our town and with our engineers, it is such a pleasure to be able to show them all this great feedback that they are receiving regularly. I’m really excited to see what the next 12 months have in store for us.

We’re not the only winners here

We wouldn’t be able to celebrate our win without celebrating our fellow Eastbourne members, who all done extremely well. Hitting no.1 spots in their categories, hitting review target milestones, qualifying and battling it out.

The competition was very exciting and all over the place, no one knew what was going to happen. No one was safe out of the 20 of us competing against each other. Massive well done to Artemi Photography for being 2nd, Southern IT for coming in 3rd and Ditzy Media for coming in 4th, you all made this competition exciting to watch last night.

Another shout out

We couldn’t thank David Ruddle enough, he has been there every step, replying within minutes and supporting us. Although you weren’t in the competition your reviews went Sky high and it’s certainly safe to say that thebestof Eastbourne rocked it in this year’s Business of the Year. Read more in the Best out Eastbourne’s press release.

We look forward to seeing you all again and the #EBTweet up and celebrate each and every one of our successes in Eastbourne.

Thank you again, it really does mean the world to us to see all our hard work has paid off and each and every one of you are a star for supporting us.

Rhian Office Manager

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