Don’t turn your home into a house of horrors this Halloween

Are you having a Halloween party this year and getting into the spooky spirit this October? Halloween is taking place on 31st October, which is Wednesday this year.

We want to make sure that you stay safe as well as having a spooktacular time, we’ve put some of our top tips:

  • Make sure you are using the correct light bulb for your fitting if changing for a funky colour
  • Remember not to overload your plug sockets.
  • If using an extension lead make sure it has sufficient length and number of sockets that you require, don’t try to plug in additional extensions lead in to double up.
  • Don’t leave any lit candles unattended or alight if leaving the house for “trick or tricking” or you’re off to bed.
  • Do not nail or metal staple lights to extension leads as this may damage the electrical cords insulation, which can lead to a fire or electrical shock
  • Visually check our electrical decorations before using for any damage, burnt out or exposed wiring.
  • If your decorating just remember not to keep them too close to a heat source as this can cause a fire.
  • Before purchasing a Halloween outfit ensure you check the label, to see it complies with the British Stand BS5722.
  • If you’ve got a full house or have children around the home why not consider an LED Lit candle instead of a real candle.
  • After all that don’t forget to have fun.

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