What Is The Workplace Charging Scheme?

Do you own a business and have a electric car or van? Are you thinking about getting an EV charger installed at your work place? Did you know that there is a government grant scheme (WCS) that you can apply for to receive a voucher up to £350 that your OZEV approved installer can use towards your EV charger point. This is to encourage going more green and stepping away from petrol & diesel vehicles by offering this grant to help towards your installation.

What you need to do

First thing to do is find an OZEV approved installer, like Tectonic

We would conduct a EV site survey and provide you with an estimate – check what charger point would work best for your business depending how you want to use it and who’s using it then make sure that the charger point/s is in the approved charger point list.

You would need to apply for the workplace voucher (WCS voucher), once accepted you’ll receive an email which will look like the below image

Once you’ve received this, you will need to send it over to us or your approved installer so we can apply this voucher for you once the installation has been carried out.

What you need to know

  • You can get up to £350 per EV socket installed
  • Needs to be a registered business, charity or public sector organisation
  • Ownership of the property or have consent from the landlord for the charge points
  • Maximum 40 EV charger points across all sites per applicant (totalling up to £14000 towards your charger points at work)
  • Dedicated off-street parking for staff and/or fleet use only
  • Declare the need for EV charging equipment or have an intent to encourage intake among their staff or fleet

To read more about the eligibility for the WCS you can take a look at the Government guidance for applicants here.


Jargon Buster

  • EV- Electric Vehicle
  • WCS – Workplace Charging Scheme
  • OZEV – Office of Zero Emission Vehicles
  • OLEV – Office of Low Emission Vehicles

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