What Happens During An EV Charger Point Survey?

Electric vehicles are still a popular subject this year with the news of sales of new petrol and diesel cars being banned in the UK from 2030.

If you’re already driving an electric vehicle, have one on order waiting in anticipation or your considering your options for your next car/van we’ve put together a check list below to show our customers what we do during a site survey at your home for an EV charger point. This may help you understand what goes into your installation as it’s not always as straight forward as plug and charge there many be unavoidable required changes which will effect your installation cost, we don’t like hidden costs just like our customers don’t either, this check this helps us spot any issues during the estimating stage to help you way up your choices, we keep you in the know before during and after.

Electric Charger Point Site Survey Checklist:

  • Is there adequate demand
  • Check the bonding
  • Identify supply characteristics
  • What type of earth system in currently being used
  • Rating and condition of the existing distribution equipment
  • Has the fixed wiring been recently inspected or check when next inspection is due
  • Check if planning permission is required
  • Is there surge protection installed
  • Check the mobile data signal available
  • Find a suitable location for equipment that customer is happy with
  • Is the proposed charge point location within WiFi range
  • Is there capacity on the customers existing router for additional connection
  • Carry out a risk assessment for the installation

Jargon Buster

  • EV- Electric Vehicle
  • OZEV – Office of Zero Emission Vehicles
  • OLEV – Office of Low Emission Vehicles
  • EVHS – Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme
  • WCS – Workplace Charger Scheme

In need of some electric inspiration or where to start, take a look at Top Gear’s best electric cars here.

If you’d like to book in your EV charger site survey pop us an email at or call the office on 01323 644570.


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