Stay Safe and Spark Joy: Tectonic’s Guide to Electrical Safety During the Holidays

The holiday season is often accompanied by a lot of electrical decorations and appliances, but it’s important to make sure that we’re using them safely. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones safe from electrical hazards during the festive season. So let’s dive in and make sure your holidays are merry and bright without any electrical mishaps!

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Top Electrical Safety Tips at Christmas

  • Read/follow the manufactures instructions
  • Pre-check your Christmas lights to check they are not damaged, broken or loose wires
  • When replacement bulbs, only use the same type and rating as the original was supplied with
  • Replace any failed lamps immediately to prevent over heating.
  • Switch you lights off and unplug them before you go to bed or leave to go out
  • Always keep lights away from flammable decorations and materials
  • Don’t overload sockets
  • Check that you lights you are using outside are specially designed for out door us

If you find yourself with an electrical emergency in Eastbourne over the festive period, give our out of hours engineer a call on 01323 644570 and leave us a message with your name, telephone number and short message for us to get back to you if you don’t get through straight away. Or alternatively pop us an email if it’s not urgent on our contact us page.

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