Supercharging Your Home: Mixing Solar PV with Other Cool Stuff

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Supercharging Your Home: Mixing Solar PV with Other Cool Stuff

Integrating battery storage with your current solar system enhances the efficiency and reliability of your renewable energy solution. This combination allows you to store excess energy generated by your solar panels for use during periods when sunlight is scarce, ensuring a steady and dependable energy supply. By optimizing the use of your solar energy through battery storage, you can maximize your investment in renewable energy and enjoy the benefits of sustainable power even on cloudy days.

Are you already a valued customer of myenergi?

Exciting news for those who own a Zappi or Eddie device from myenergi – you now have the opportunity to seamlessly integrate your device with Libbi, one of the UK’s most advanced and innovative home battery storage systems. Libbi is a cutting-edge, modular electrical energy storage solution, originating from the UK, which offers a base storage capacity of 5KWh. Impressively, by combining up to four of these modules, homeowners can achieve an incredible 20KWh of storage capacity.

Starting your renewable journey

Tectonic offers expert solar survey services in Eastbourne to help individuals and businesses harness renewable energy. Their team guides clients in making informed decisions for a sustainable future. Schedule a solar survey by contacting 01323 644570 or to explore solar energy potential with Tectonic’s expertise.

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