Team complete the Emergency First Aid at work

Last Thursday we took some time for staff training in Emergency First Aid with Mark from Mark One Training at our offices for the day.

At Tectonic,  we pride ourselves on always keeping our employees training updated to help with their self development but also to give our customers the best customer service we can. Not everyone had done a First Aid training course, so we thought it would be a great experience for our apprentices, Adam and Will, and our office manager, Rhian, to take part to.

We learnt the basics of the Emergency First Aid from role play scenarios in the work place, practicing the steps to get someone into the recovery position, what type of bandages to use and how to tend to any cuts as well as learning how to put a sling on.

Once we watched a few videos of different scenarios of Primary and Secondary surveys we moved on to CPR and AED’s.

Practicing for the real thing was an interesting experience from doing your Secondary Survey and asking for help to carrying out CPR to try and save that persons live. We split into groups and marked each other for how we did on each step, and making sure that each of us knew what we doing and confident doing so.

Then we moved onto the AED’s which we all found interesting as most people only know what you see in films and TV but we got to learn how to use one and what the AED’s actually do and where you may find them.

After a great training day, the whole team received their Emergency First Aid @ the workplace certificates. We couldn’t thank our trainer, Mark, enough for providing an excellent training course with was full of information and practicals but also made it fun for everyone.

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