May Day DIY Tips

Yeppie! Another bank holiday time to sit back and relax.


We know, chance will be a fine thing – so what do have lined up , laying in bed with a nice cup of tea, read the paper then enjoy a late lunch, slip off to the pub for a quick glass of your preferred vino?

Hang on, what do mean we have to decorate the kids bedroom? And repair the fence that got damaged in the winter.

So, please remember before you get stuck into all those little DIY ventures this bank holiday, remember to carry out a few simple checks first when using power tools before plugging them in.

  • Check the power cord, that it looks in good order with no twists or damage to the outer sheath
  • Check the plug is not damaged and is fitted correctly with no cables poking out
  • See if the casing is damaged or cracked in any way
  • Follow the manufactures instructions when using eletrical tools
  • Always use an RCD if you dont have one fitted to the circuit you are plugged into
  • If any of the items above are of concern then don’t start work
  • Make sure you wear the correct safty cloathing
  • Protective goggles on
  • Protective gloves on
  • Dust mask on if required
  • Keep the kids safe and make sure if you leave any power tools around, that the’re unplugged or in a safe place and out of reach
  • Once you have done all your checks then work safely and keep a tidy work place
  • If using ladders make sure you follow the manufactures instructions at all times

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone.

If you’ve given up hope or you don’t have time to do some electrical bits around the home then don’t sweat, contact us today and speak to an engineer.

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