Why Use Access Control in Eastbourne

Tectonic Door Entry Systems

Why should you use an access control system instead of keys & locks?

Well there are many reasons, you can provide a more secure building where otherwise you may have to leave the door unlocked, save changing locks if a key is lost or stolen, track staff entering and leaving a building.

Provide better security of assets even in a small company you will have assets that need protecting.

Electronic locks can provide integrated controls giving you a far more convenient way of securing your building and allowing the correct people in and out at the correct times.

It is simple to give additional access or restrict as you require, a simple touch of a button, you could release all the doors, if there was a fire alarm you could auto release all fire exit doors or secure areas if there was an incident that required you to shut down zones or even the whole building.


Training With Paxton

 We have recently been training with Paxton who specialises in access control solutions throughout May to keep up to date with the latest technology and continue to provide quality service to our customers in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. If you want to read more about why you should use access control check out Paxton’s short blog.

So no matter whether it is a simple way of providing access to a care assistant in or used for a common door to allow the post to be delivered during certain times we will have a solution, contact us to have a no-obligation survey carried out by one of our local and trained engineers call us on Eastbourne 01323 644570 or email

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